Good for Employees
All too often construction workers are injured and sometimes killed by slow moving site vehicles. This is mainly due to a lack of awareness, either from ignorance of the threat or when full attention is not being paid to the immediate working environment.

MyZone can help prevent accidents by giving ownership of personal safety back to the individual. This unique technology alerts the wearer via a receiver attached to their hard hat which responds to the detected threat by vibrating for a couple of seconds, warning directly that a danger is present.

Tests show that this is a more effective warning method than a siren, flashing light, radar sensor or warning signs which between them create sign pollution/ desensitisation and contribute to a background saturation of sound that fails to notify of a real, immediate and personal danger.

All the wearer need do is clip the MyZone receiver onto their hard hat and react to the vibrating warnings. There are no fiddly switches – once it’s on, it’s ON!

MyZone enabled sites allow the employee to take control of their own personal exclusion area, removing the dependency on how others operate potential hazards on site.

MyZone is solely designed with personal protection in mind. No other data is collected, and there’s no feedback to management.

Continually tracking defined hazards, MyZone can intelligently monitor up to 64 individual threats (such as site vehicles) and provide warnings for each hazard with 360º capability, addressing any vehicular ‘blind spots’. MyZone can even detect and analyse hidden threats behind walls or other obstacles.

MyZone is suitable for noisy environments and does not contribute to noise pollution with the discreet buzzer only alerting the individual wearer. It can also be used with ear defenders.

MyZone is an aid to personal awareness only and should be used in addition to established on site safe working practices.