Good for Employers
Safety behavioural studies show that 63% of accidents and incidents are caused by alpha mode and mistake-led behaviour, otherwise known as ‘daydreaming’ or ‘switching off’. We’ve all experienced this. Not paying attention to our surroundings, with our subconscious just going through the motions.

MyZone is a personal vibrating alarm, worn inside the hard-hat, alerting site workers to a real and immediate danger, allowing them to take evasive action before possible injury.

MyZone is a demand-led solution, driven by an employer’s duty to use the best available technology, not only to remove employees from hazard wherever and whenever possible, but also to ensure any associated litigation against the company is mitigated.

Avoiding hazard in the workplace for all employees, regardless of education or ethnicity, is essential in today’s working environment. MyZone meets these criteria with its simple and non-language dependent functionality. MyZone is instrumental in engaging ALL site personnel to participate in site safety culture and awareness. Making safety-at-work personal, rather than relying solely on the actions of others to avert injury.

MyZone is a cost-effective and scaleable solution to achieving best practice safety standards for your construction site. An initial survey is arranged to agree perceived hazards on your site. From this point MyZone requires minimal client involvement, with full implementation, ongoing technical support, collection, delivery and recycling services all included in the cost.

MyZone not only provides advances in proximity warning systems for the construction industry, but also has wider applications within industry. For example in logistics a MyZone receiver is worn on the worker’s belt and warns the wearer of approaching hazards such as loading vehicles or fork-lift trucks. MyZone can be adapted to provide a hazard management solution within many industry scenarios. If you have a specific application you’d like to discuss with our development team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

MyZone is an aid to personal awareness only and should be used in addition to established on site safe working practices.