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MyZone Worker Alert System

MyZone is a proximity warning system. A discreet personal vibrating alarm, worn on the rear of the hard hat, alerts site workers to real and immediate danger from a moving or static safety hazard, allowing them to take evasive action before possible injury.

A virtual exclusion zone is set up around a management designated safety hazard using a very low radio frequency (125kHz), autonomous from any IP network. Our MyZone Worker Alert System provides an immediate safety status and can be scaled to protect any number of site based personnel.

  • An award winning and proven safety system for construction, rail and logistics environments
  • Increases personal awareness by allowing employees to take control of their own personal exclusion area
  • A cost effective and scalable solution to achieving best practice safety standards
  • An essential addition to your PPE safety and protective equipment policy
  • A Network Rail approved product and mandated by Colas Rail in the UK
How the system works
A simple and effective system designed to increase personal awareness and safety.
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MyZone is spreading internationally across construction, rail and other pan-industrial worksites.
Latest news
Enhancing workplace safety with the MyZone Worker Alert System - an award-winning proximity warning system

In any industrial setting, employee safety is paramount. Employers must strike a balance between ensuring the well-being of their workforce and maintaining production efficiency, particularly in workplaces with mobile machinery, where accidents involving moving objects are a constant risk.


3m - 10m

Configurable exclusion zone setting


All direction visibility eliminates blind spots

Long life cycle

Multiple battery facility