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asked questions

Why do I need MyZone?

Safety behavioural studies by one of the UK's largest organisations show that over 60% of accidents and incidents were caused by alpha mode and mistake-led behaviour, known to us all as 'daydreaming' or 'switching off'. We've all experienced this, not paying attention to our surroundings, with our subconscious just going through the motions.

MyZone 'wakes up' the wearer. Your own personal alarm alerts you to a real and immediate danger, allowing you to take evasive action before possible injury and not just rely on the actions of others.

Is MyZone just a construction industry aid?

No, MyZone can be used in many other, workplace environments, for instance in third party logistics and the warehouse & distribution industries, where the close proximity of forklift trucks and delivery lorries to workers is a major risk.

How big is the safety zone created?

Standard MyZone units can create a safety area of up to 10m around each hazard. Larger areas can be created on request.

After the scares of using mobile phones, are the helmet mounted receivers safe?

Yes. The receiver only receives data and does not emit any form of signal. It is asleep constantly until a potential hazard wakes it up. This happens within a split second and once it has alerted you it goes back to sleep.

Am I being watched by 'Big Brother'?

Absolutely not. MyZone is designed just for you, the wearer. It's only purpose is to give you your own personal exclusion zone. Your employer will decide exactly what he believes to represent a hazard on site and it is these that will alert you if they come within range. The MyZone receiver doesn't record information.

How much does it cost?

The receiver costs just a few pence per day. A small price to pay for your own bespoke safety zone.

Who pays for it?

In most cases your employer should provide you with all personal protective equipment (PPE) free of charge in line with legal requirements.

Is it tough enough?

MyZone receivers and transmitters are built to withstand the rigours of the construction industry. With their rugged enclosures these units are watertight, vibration proof and able to withstand being dropped from heights of up to 3m.

Won't the vibration get annoying?

The personal alert is one of just three short buzzes. Designed to alert you of a real and immediate danger, this alarm will only go off once for each and every hazard that enters your zone. It will not go off again until that hazard leaves and re-enters the area. Tests show that this is a more effective warning method than a siren, flashing light, radar sensor or warning signs which create sign pollution/ desensitisation and contribute to a background saturation of sound that fails to notify of a real, immediate and personal danger.

What if the hazard is hidden from view?

MyZone technology allows it to 'see through' walls, hoardings or other items of plant & machinery that may block your line of sight and still warn you of the potential hazard.

Does the Myzone Worker Alert System help with forklift safety?

In a nutshell - yes!  The MyZone Worker Alert System can be set up to detect any management designated safety hazards. Our transmitters can be attached (via flexible magnetic feet) to forklift trucks operating outdoors or undercover in an indoor logistics or warehouse environment .

Can the MyZone Worker Alert System be classed as protective clothing or personal safety equipment?

The MyZone Worker Alert System is an essential addition to your PPE safety and protective equipment policy. It increases personal awareness by allowing employees and individuals to take control of their own personal exclusion area.