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MyZone how it works

MyZone how it works

The MyZone worker alert system provides a safe working environment for site based employees and visitors at busy industrial or construction sites. A virtual exclusion zone is set up around a management defined safety hazard using a very low radio frequency (125kHz), autonomous from any IP network.

A discreet and easy to use personal vibrating alarm is worn on the cradle strap at the rear of the hard hat. It quickly and quietly alerts the wearer to a real and immediate danger, even if they're wearing ear defenders.

Our solution increases construction safety, rail safety and pedestrian safety. It aids personal awareness by allowing employees to take control of their own personal exclusion area. Safety behaviour studies show 63% of accidents and incidents are caused by alpha mode, otherwise known as 'daydreaming' or 'switching off'.

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MyZone how it works
  • Simple range setting: from 3m up to 10m
  • Long life battery packs: at least 36 hours of operation between charges
  • Continuous power supply: when hardwired into machinery
  • Flexibility to fit anywhere: lightweight with flexible magnetic feet
  • Protection from concealed threats: 360° awareness to address vehicular blind spots
  • Considerate of the environment: discreet vibrating buzzer only alerts the wearer

    For more detailed information download our:

    Transmitter product sheet
    Receiver product sheet

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