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MyZone - enhancing workplace safety


It is always a pleasure to receive feedback, something we very much appreciate and encourage from our customers. We are constantly reviewing product features against customer needs and first-hand feedback is vital to our product development process.

Our client at Mackin Ltd made the following comment about our MyZone proximity warning solution: “This system provides an enhanced control measure for the segregation of people and plant by creating a virtual exclusion zone of between 3m - 10m around heavy machinery. A transmitter device is attached to our plant, and a receiver is attached discreetly to the hard hats of ground staff. Once the person enters the pre-set exclusion zone, they are alerted via a vibration of the receiver device.

Sharing success stories is always rewarding for us at MyZone as it means we've increased personal safety for more people who work in busy industrial environments.

Our MyZone proximity warning system is mandated by Colas Rail UK and is a Network Rail approved product.

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