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Colas Rail Exclusion Zone - Training Exclusive


During Safety Week, Colas Rail UK organised multiple exclusion zone training sessions to ensure that teams were well-informed and prepared. These sessions were conducted in collaboration with trusted on-track plant suppliers, including Quattro, Green Power and Colmar. These sessions provided valuable insights into the risks and challenges faced by their operators on busy sites.

To provide firsthand experience, the team had the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of the equipment and gain a clear understanding of the limited field of view. In-depth briefings were conducted throughout the day, emphasising the critical importance of exclusion zones and their role in enhancing safety.

Colas Rail UK has mandated the use of the MyZone Worker Alert System, which is an approved product by Network Rail and distributed exclusively by High Motive Ltd. The proximity warning system heightens safety measures by providing timely warnings and alerts, this allows teams to maintain a safe distance from potentially hazardous areas.

By prioritising exclusion zone training and implementing cutting-edge safety technologies, Colas Group aims to strengthen safety measures and reduce risks across its operations. This ensures the well-being of its teams and promotes a safety-first culture.

For more insights and information about Colas Rail Safety Week, visit www.colasrail.co.uk/safety-week-2023. Keep informed about their commitment to fostering a safety-first culture.

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