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Dealing with Trauma


A traumatic event occurs when someone is in a situation where there’s a high risk of harm or danger to themselves or others. Such events include accidents, a sudden illness or death, an assault or a natural disaster, to name just a few.

These frightening and stressful situations are outside of our control and leave us feeling utterly shocked, helpless and numb.

Over time these powerful feelings might settle, but it depends on the individual as we all react differently in different situations. However, the effects of trauma cannot be underestimated. Flashbacks, lack of concentration, loss of confidence, sleepless nights and memory problems are all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

People often struggle to take mental health seriously. Sadly, as it lacks physical symptoms it’s not widely viewed as a ‘real illness’. But some wounds cannot be seen from the outside.

On a more positive note, the seriousness of mental illness is being openly recognised and discussed by famous figureheads and celebrities, helping to remove the stigma associated with mental illness. Also, as a nation the impact of lockdown mentally affected us in one way or another, making us less dismissive of hidden mental conditions.

The following links provide some excellent information and guidance about trauma-related difficulties:



UK Trauma Group

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