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Enhance Workplace Safety in 2024 with the MyZone Worker Alert System


The MyZone Worker Alert System is a trusted proximity warning solution that empowers individuals to take control of their own personal exclusion areas, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Studies have shown that 63% of accidents and incidents occur due to "alpha mode," often referred to as 'daydreaming' or 'switching off.'

Why Choose MyZone?

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Our MyZone system can be rapidly deployed at large busy work sites and undercover warehouse environments.
  • Virtual Exclusion Zones: Establish a secure environment using a low-frequency radio signal, completely independent of any IP Network.
  • Industry Recognition: The MyZone Worker Alert System is a Network Rail approved product and is mandated by Colas Rail in the UK.

The safety and well-being of your team are paramount and MyZone is here to make 2024 a year of enhanced safety and productivity

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