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Enhancing our worker alert products


2019 was a busy year for us as we made some significant changes and upgrades to our worker alert system.

Most significantly, we reduced the size of our transmitter unit (MZtxG2) making it less bulky, lighter in weight and more user friendly. However, the unit still retains its impact resistant integrity and durability.

Whilst reducing the size of our transmitter we also added some additional features.The range of the exclusion zone around a static or moving safety hazard can be simply set at the touch of a button. We call this our 'vari-range' capability. The range can be set from 3m up to 10m. Our transmitters have flexible magnetic feet, allowing units to securely fit to curved designs of excavators, heavy plant and even forklift trucks.

Our battery packs have also been upgraded. Each transmitter can be powered by an Ni-MH MZ battery pack, which has an approximate 36 hour life-cycle. This duration can be doubled using our unique enhancement technology. Alternatively the transmitter can be hard wired into the ignition loom of a vehicle.

We have solely designed our product with personal protection in mind. We only use a very low radio frequency (125kh) and don't collect any data (but could at the expressed wish of a customer). Our solution puts the responsibility of safety squarely in the hands of individuals within an exclusion zone, who are, ultimately, responsible for their own actions. Our system uses a discreet vibrating buzzer (attached to the back of a hard hat) and only alerts the wearer – even if they're wearing ear defenders or other PPE safety equipment.

The MyZone worker alert system keeps an exclusion zone safe by monitoring multiple individual threats (such as site vehicles) and provides warnings for each safety hazard with a 360° capability, addressing any vehicular 'blind spots'. The system can even detect and analyse hidden threats behind walls or other obstacles.

The list below shows the technical data for the new transmitter:

  • Safety Zone: programmable from 3m up to 10m
  • Power requirement: 12V or 24V
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 160mm x 75mm deep (inc. magnetic feet)
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Built-in automatic power monitor
  • Strong impact resistant case
  • IP65
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