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Enhancing safety on busy industrial sites


Three reasons to use the MyZone Worker Alert System on busy industrial sites to enhance workplace health and safety.

Collision between vehicles and pedestrians is one of the biggest risks of serious injury in industrial workplaces where heavy plant, machinery and equipment is in constant operation.

By law vehicles and pedestrians must be segregated.Vehicles should use designated traffic routes minimising the risk of danger to the safety and wellbeing of people working closeby. On a busy site the logistics and technology required to segregate work areas can be a financial and time-consuming challenge. Our MyZone Worker Alert System is affordable, simple to use and enhances existing and established on-site safe working practices.

Here are three good reasons to use our award-winning technology:


1. Protect your workforce

Making busy industrial sites safe is a challenge, especially where work can be repetitive and heavy plant, equipment and machinery is in constant operation. MyZone is a proximity warning alarm system that enhances workplace safety by increasing situational awareness and alerting workers to potential risks. A virtual exclusion zone is set up around a management defined safety hazard using a very low radio frequency (125kHz), autonomous from any IP network. A discreet and easy to use personal vibrating alarm is worn on the cradle strap at the rear of the hard hat. It quickly and quietly alerts the wearer to a real and immediate danger, even if they are wearing ear defenders. Our proximity warning solutions make busy and risky work spaces safer because they warn workers and pedestrians of potential hazards allowing them to take action before possible injury.

2. Protect your assets

The use of robotics, autonomous vehicles and high-tech plant and machinery represents a big investment for companies and for many it’s business critical that they are safeguarded from damage.

Our MyZone Transmitters are scalable and provide a cost-effective way to protect moving or fixed equipment. Designed to work in heavy-duty environments, our Transmitters are robust, compact and flexible and have been fitted to a wide range of equipment including tripods, machinery, plant, vehicles, cones and lots more. We’re always happy to discuss unusual or challenging requirements.


3. Demonstrate a commitment to Health and Safety

A strong safety culture with clear communication on health and safety can lower your liability, increase productivity and improve work life for employees. Investing in proven safety technology is showing the message that safety is a key priority and valued by the company. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce.


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