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MyZone Worker Alert System - an award-winning Proximity Warning System


In any industrial setting, employee safety is paramount. Employers must strike a balance between ensuring the well-being of their workforce and maintaining production efficiency, particularly in workplaces with mobile machinery, where accidents involving moving objects are a constant risk.

To mitigate these risks, employers and employees should take proactive steps, including identifying and managing hazards, providing appropriate training and equipment and fostering a safe work environment. One increasingly popular safety solution is the MyZone Worker Alert System, a proximity warning system, designed to keep workers and mobile machinery separate using low-frequency radio waves to establish exclusion zones. It's mandated by Colas Rail UK and is a Network Rail approved product.

The MyZone Worker Alert System operates by creating a virtual exclusion zone around management-defined safety hazards, employing a very low radio frequency (125kHz). This system functions autonomously, independent of any IP network. When a worker enters a hazardous zone, the system immediately triggers an alert to warn of potential danger. This award-winning solution is especially valuable in environments characterised by close interactions between workers and machinery, such as manufacturing plants, rail, construction sites, mines, roadworks, and warehouses.

Proximity alert systems like the MyZone Worker Alert System offer numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Worker Safety: These systems alert workers when they enter a zone as far as 10 metres away from a moving hazard, promoting heightened safety awareness.
  • Customisation: The MyZone System is totally scalable and can be tailored to each workplace's specific needs.
  • Cost reduction: By preventing accidents and injuries, these systems reduce costs associated with lost time, increased insurance premiums, and potential legal actions.
  • Safety culture improvement: Employers' commitment to worker safety fosters a positive workplace environment, leading to fewer accidents, increased productivity and job satisfaction.

One standout benefit of the MyZone Worker Alert System is its cost-effectiveness and ease of setup, as it does not require infrastructure installation.

In conclusion, the MyZone Worker Alert System, utilising low-frequency radio waves to establish exclusion zones, is an effective means of enhancing workplace safety in industrial settings. By creating a clear separation between workers and machinery and providing real-time alerts for approaching hazards, employers can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Customisable to specific workplace needs, the MyZone System also contributes to fostering a culture of safety, ultimately creating a safer and more productive work environment for all.

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