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Tackling work-related fatalities: proximity warning systems and safety culture


Workplace safety is of paramount importance and with the rise in work-related fatalities in Great Britain, it has become crucial to adopt innovative safety measures. In 2022/23, 135 workers lost their lives in accidents, marking an increase of 12 fatalities from the previous year.

This short article explores the industries most affected and the primary causes of fatal injuries. Additionally, it highlights the significance of implementing innovative solutions like the MyZone Worker Alert System, a proximity warning technology, to mitigate risks and help safeguard workers.

The profile of fatal injuries in 2022/23 closely aligns with the data from the 5-year period of 2018/19-2022/23. 82% of fatal injuries occurred in the following industry sectors: construction, agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing, transportation and storage, wholesale, retail, motor vehicle repair, accommodation and food services. These industries are where proximity warning systems like MyZone can play a pivotal role in enhancing safety.

The consistent causes of fatal injuries, such as falls from a height, being struck by a moving vehicle, and being struck by a moving, flying, or falling object, have been major concerns for decades. In 2022/23, these factors accounted for over half of all worker deaths, necessitating proactive measures.

  • Falls from a height claimed 40 lives, making up 30% of all worker fatalities.
  • Struck by a moving vehicle caused 20 fatalities, representing 15% of the total number of deaths.
  • Struck by moving objects, including flying or falling, resulted in 21% of fatal injuries in 2022/23.

he loss of any life in the workplace is wholly unacceptable. As fatal accidents continue to occur, it becomes evident that fostering a robust safety culture and making significant investments in safety measures are imperative. Proximity warning systems, such as the MyZone Worker Alert System, offer an easily implementable solution to help prevent accidents in the workplace, while also promoting a safety-first culture that prioritises the well-being and security of all employees.

The increasing number of work-related fatalities requires action to create safer workplaces. By identifying high-risk industries and addressing leading causes of fatal injuries, we can take steps towards a zero-accident future. The MyZone proximity warning system represents a powerful tool in this endeavour, reminding us that through innovative technology and collective dedication to safety, we can protect the well-being of every worker and prevent unnecessary tragedies.

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