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What is a proximity alert system and how does it work?


A proximity alert system is also called a proximity warning system. It is a general term used for a system that alerts or warns individuals they are getting close to potentially dangerous equipment and machinery, such as loading shovels, excavators, forklift trucks, telehandlers, cranes, etc.

Collisions on site often occur when a worker gets tired, distracted or is unaware of a vehicle working close by. Due to the size and nature of the plant and machinery involved, such accidents are potentially fatal.

How MyZone works
The MyZone Worker Alert System uses a low radio frequency (125kHz), autonomous from any IP network, to set up a virtual exclusion zone (from 3m to 10m) around a management defined safety hazard. A small and discreet personal vibrating alarm is worn on the cradle strap at the rear of the hard hat, quickly alerting the wearer to any immediate danger. Our system is effective even if ear defenders are being worn.

Why Choose MyZone?
There’s a range of different proximity warning systems available on the market today. From very expensive smart AI solutions to camera and spotlight systems which are more cost- effective methods for warning of moving hazards. However, these systems are not the best choice if you are looking for a managed and scalable solution.

When we designed the MyZone Worker Alert system we wanted to increase personal awareness and empower employees to take control of their own personal safety. There’s no in-cab control unit, so plant and machinery operators can concentrate on the work in-hand and not be distracted by visual or audible alarms. MyZone-enabled sites allow employees to take responsibility for their own actions within their personal exclusion area, removing the dependency on how others operate potential hazards on site.

MyZone is a proven and trusted system. It’s mandated by Colas Rail UK and is a Network Rail approved product.

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